I am loving the overall trend right now. Similar to a romper, they are easy to throw on and don’t require a ton of thought. Since my overalls are a little baggier, I opted for a tighter, striped cropped tank, but this could easily be switched with any T-shirt you have. I have been obsessing over dainty necklaces lately. They are easy to throw on and make an outfit look more put together. Adjusting the length of my chokers also help so they layered nicely.  Mixing metals with jewelry is something I am a huge fan of when you plan on wearing a lot of jewelry. It adds a relaxed and bohemian vibe which is why I love stacking my Alex & Ani bracelets. All Alex & Ani bracelets have some sort of meaning and remind me of the little things throughout my day. My blue aviator Ray Bans are my summer sunglasses of choice since the lens adds a pop of color to any outfit I’m wearing.

Now that the weather has been warmer in Chicago, I finally got to pull out my tan lace-up sandals I bought for $6 in the winter at Altar’d State. Though buying summer or winter clothes in their off-season may not seem practical, if you tuck them away until their preferred season, you will be saving your self a whole lot of money. The lace-up shoe trend is still alive and well so go nah yourself a pair. My nude/pink purse has been my favorite handbag for the warmer months. It is reversible and holds all of my essentials: wallet, sunglasses, & makeup bag. As the season continues,I know I will be getting tons of use out of it. Its neutral colors match most of my outfits while still adding a little pink to what I’m wearing.

I kept my hair and makeup super simple and natural in this look since it is summer. Wearing my hair natural and adding just a little mascara and concealer is my go to look in the summer. Letting your skin glow and breathe is so important especially as the weather gets warmer and you start to sweat more. You don’t want all your makeup to be seeping in your pores and getting clogged…yuck!


 OVERALLS (similar) IMG_1362








I hope you enjoy the overall trend as much as I do!




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