Summer Bucket List

School is out and summer is here! With my family vacation and summer job, I have a pretty packed summer. Though, I always put aside time to make a list of things to do over the summer, or a bucket list if you will. Some things I do each summer and some are new to this year’s list! I’m hoping for a great summer!!

Here are a few things on my list:


A summer home from school in a different state means jamming in all the Chicago food I can handle. Any Chicagoan knows that Gene & Jude’s is a cult favorite. They are home to the best dogs on the planet, hot dogs that is. They are a true Chicago joint, not selling any ketchup to customers (yuck). I love the vibes of this small Chicago favorite and the fact that it’s too small for seating so you eat in your car (or on it). Will most likely be checking this off my list multiple times this summer.


If you have never been to a drive in movie you NEED to go. Two summers ago I found one about 45 minutes away from my house and it has become a summer essential. It’s so fun to pack some snacks, blankets, & pillows, to pop open the trunk and watch a movie. I truly adore anything retro and feel like I am in heaven once the movie starts. One tip I have though is to bring bug spray!! Last year I was eaten alive by mosquitos so definitely bring some if you plan on going.


Are you seeing a theme here? I love food. Surprisingly, I have never been to the Taste of Chicago festival and this summer is the summer I am going to make it happen.This year the festival is being held from July 5th to the 9th.  Chicago is known for its classic food and amazing restaurants so I’m gonna loosen up my belt and get ready to chow down.


Each summer consists of a couple of trips to Wrigley Field. I already have one on my calendar but I’m looking to go to a couple more! Going to Cubs games has been a summer tradition ever since I was little. I love going for the day, eating some hotdogs, and getting a nice tan. If I’m lucky, the Cubs will win too.


Whenever I go to NYC I have to go to a musical. I absolutely love going to the theater but I don’t take advantage of it in Chicago. This summer, Aladdin is playing at the Cadillac theater downtown and I want to be sure to go. I know I’ll be singing along to every song and will love all the costumes. Making a day out of this would be super fun and I can’t wait to see the show!

I’m hoping to cross all of these things off of my summer bucket list! Comment down below some of your summer bucket list ideas!




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